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Aviation Partners Inc. and Aviation Partners Boeing
"I get to work with the best in the business. World speed record holders. Legendary test pilots. The most talented aerodynamic engineers. The smartest folk in the history of the business."
- Robert Lamson, Flight Test Engineer

Aviation Partners, the world leader in the design, production and marketing of advanced technology winglet systems, is a Seattle-based private corporation founded in 1991 by Joe Clark and Dennis Washington.

In creating Aviation Partners, Clark gathered together a highly and uniquely experienced team of aerospace professionals consisting primarily of retired Boeing and Lockheed engineers and flight test department directors.

Blended Winglet™ Technology made its initial market debut as a Performance Enhancement Program for the Gulfstream II. This program was highly successful, resulting in an unprecedented range boost and fuel efficiency improvement in excess of 7% for the IISP. In the mid-90s, The Boeing Company adopted Blended Winglet Technology for the Boeing Business Jet and Next Generation Boeing 737 series aircraft. Today, Aviation Partners Boeing, a joint venture between Aviation Partners Inc. and The Boeing Company, has supplied Blended Winglet shipsets to over 3,500 Boeing aircraft worldwide. A typical Blended Winglet-equipped 737 saves 100,000 gallons of fuel per year. In addition, Aviation Partners Boeing has developed Blended Winglet programs for the Boeing 757, which can save 300,000 gallons per year, and created a launch program for 767 series aircraft.

Aviation Partners also offers patented* Blended Winglet Technology for Raytheon Hawker 800/800XP series business aircraft. A Hawker 800 Performance-Enhanced with Blended Winglets becomes an 800SP while a Hawker 800XP upgraded with Blended Winglet Technology becomes an 800XP2. This revolutionary visible technology has been so well received by the global Hawker 800 series operator community that Aviation Partners is now looking at developing Blended Winglet Programs for additional makes and models of popular series business aircraft.

Performance Enhancement Blended Winglet Technology has succeeded in the marketplace because it produces measurable benefits on a scale unheard of in the history of aircraft capability improvement. The world aviation community has recognized that Blended Winglet Technology not only saves fuel and protects the environment but it modernizes aircraft and makes them perform better. The future, as we like to say, is "on the wing".

*Patent 5348253

Hawker 800
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Aviation Partners Blended Winglets
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