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Blended Winglet Technology

Blended Winglets

"We selected the optimum winglet, including sizing, to exploit existing wing strength. This results in longer range and allows higher cruise speed."
— Louis B. Gratzer, Ph.D., Chief Aerodynamicist

Winglets reduce wingtip vortices, the twin tornados formed by the difference between the pressure on the upper surface of an airplane's wing and that on the lower surface. High pressure on the lower surface creates a natural airflow that makes its way to the wingtip and curls around it.

Aviation Partners Blended Winglets feature a high aspect ratio for lower cruise drag while maintaining buffet margins and favorable low-speed characteristics.

The Blended Winglet incorporates a large radius and a smooth chord variation in the wing-to-winglet transition area. This allows optimum aerodynamic loading and avoids vortex concentrations that produce drag.

Highly Blended Winglets have demonstrated more than 60% greater effectiveness over the same conventional winglets with an angular transition. By reducing drag, Blended Winglets increase fuel efficiency by 7.3% and boost range 180nm in the Hawker 800 series. The Hawker 800SP will climb quickly to optimum altitude which will be at least 2000 feet higher as a result of drag reduction.

Blended Winglets enhance longitudinal and directional stability, thereby providing better handling in turbulent atmospheric conditions. Replacement of the stall fences with vortilons also enhances low speed handling and safety.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Hawker 800 series
  • Falcon 2000 series
  • Boeing 737, 757, 767
  • 7% fuel savings
  • 180 nm more range
  • Faster climb to altitude
  • Improved 2nd segment
  • Reduced step climbs
  • 2000' higher initial cruise
  • More speed
  • Reduced emissions
  • Improved stall
  • New look
  • Higher residual value

High-Mach Blended Winglets for the Falcon 2000 series are currently in flight test. Details to come.

  • Up to 6% drag reduction
  • Built-in fuel hedge
  • Improved takeoff performance
  • Reduced engine maintenance costs
  • Increased payload-range
  • Lower airport noise and emissions
  • Improved operational flexibility
  • Dramatically enhanced appearance
  • Higher airplane residual value

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Aviation Partners Blended Winglets
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