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What People are Saying About Aviation Partners Blended Winglets

"This is the best mod in Hawker history."
— Tom Boucher, Maintenance Director
"With Aviation Partners Blended Winglets, our 800XP is not only aesthetically beautiful but it's a whole new animal in terms of performance"
— John Reinhold, Chief Pilot, JMC Highflyer
"I am very pleased to report I am getting a 8.4% decrease in fuel used on the 800XPs and 10.1% decrease in the 800. The climb performance is outstanding. All of us are very pleased we went with the Winglets."
— Brian Ross, Director of Aviation, Coca-Cola Enterprises
"The ability to fly 30 minutes farther, or 18 kts faster, make our 800SPs much more valuable and capable aircraft for international patient transport. For us, Blended Winglet Technology is an absolute godsend."
— Jeff Tolbert, Founder & CEO, AirMed International
"We're routinely saving 250-400 pounds of fuel per trip and landing with several hundred pounds more fuel reserves than previously. What impresses us most is the 800SP's augmented second segment climb performance and its dramatically improved capabilities from high altitude and hot airfields. We've also been pleased to realize a significant improvement in acceleration from climb to cruise altitude."
— Dan Graham, Chief Pilot, Energy Corporation of America
"If your Hawker doesn't have Blended Winglets, you're burning more than your share of fuel."
— Clay Lacy, Founder, Clay Lacy Aviation
"The Blended Winglet Performance Advantage is like adding 1,000 pounds more thrust per side to your Hawker."
— John Topliff, Hawker 800XP Pilot
"If we sold our Hawkers tomorrow we'd get every dime back we paid for the Blended Winglet systems. Blended Winglets look great, improve resale value and pay for themselves."
— Todd Schieck, Director of Business Development, M&N Aviation

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Aviation Partners Blended Winglets
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